Poker Cardroom Rating

*Card Room ranking: based on Table Variety/Table Game Ranking: based on Playability;
UM/M + (Gamble/Action) eg: [Game = B, Action = B]

Cash Games (buy-in)
A+ @ M100+ (can play a more MC type of game)
A @M100 (SA game can have a reasonable game play against a LA player already in the game)
A- @M200+ (can buy-in with close to the chip leader stack and MC game; don’t play against LC/MM players or Bill Gates)
B+ @ M75+ (SA game can make a typical 3x-4xBB bet PF and not be forced out by LA players)
B @M60+ (can be more of a SA game)
C @M50+ (requires TA play, but catching cards early will put you in the lead)
D @M<50/Turbo (LA need to gamble more here, can really deplete your bankroll quickly)

Gamble/Action: Activity: active (lots of players) or passive (few players)

Active: Long waiting list = new tables opening;
Moderately Active:
     LSG (Low Stakes Games) w/ long waiting list = new tables opening.
     HSG (Higher Stakes Games) w/short waiting list = no new tables, long wait to play, may be good an old boys club/game.

Passive: Short waiting list = no new tables, long wait to play, may be good old boys club

VIP Room High/Stakes Room Yes/No

(Gamble) Action
Moderate Play, not loose aggressive
A Tight Aggressive
B+ Tight Passive
B Loose Aggressive Play
B– Loose Passive
C Good Old Boys Game (likely won’t play against each other and frequently leave the table, sometimes only come back to have their player’s card read)

Deep Stack Tournaments
are where you want to be. The higher the “M” rate, the more likely you are to get deeper into the tournament and get “In-the-Money”.

Daily/Seasonal: (Deep Stack; Turbo; WSOP; WPT)
A @ M300+ (can play a more MC type of game, High Skill Level Required)
B @M200+ (SA game can have a reasonable game play, Requires more Skill then Luck)
C @ M100+ (game is OK for the first and second levels and you can use more Skill in your play, but as the blinds increase, you have to be more Lucky)
D @M<100 (anything under 100M requires more Luck than Skill, need to gamble more here, these games are designed to get you back to the cash game tables quickly)

Blind Change Level Times:
The more time you have between blind changes, the better you can use poker skills to increase your chip stack. Blind changes less then 20 minutes are more of the Action Turbo type and designed to get you back to the cash game tables quickly.

Re-Buy, Add-ons, and Bonus Chips:
Some players do not like to buy more chips. They want to increase their ROI if they get “In-the-Money“, and many of those players tend to be Action Players that will only do the Re-Buy if they bust out and don’t have to leave the table to re-enter the tournament. Some players will only do an Add-on if the amount of chips is greater than the original Buy-in chips, so they can more than double-up their chip stack. Almost all players will buy the bonus chips because they are cheap for the amount of additional chips you get. Real Action Jocks like the unlimited Re-buy tournaments because they feel their game is so good they will be sure of making it to the final 6 players, which is where they have to end up to make any money. Many of them play the Gamblers Fallacy Game.

(Action GamesBig O, PaiGow, Mexican Poker, Badugi, Duce7

(Bar/Food) *everyone has IPA; Best is small gourmet plates/Appetizers
(FYI, I’m a Beer and Whiskey Snob)
A+ Premium Bushmills + Jack Daniels Single Barrel & Dark Beer
A Premium Irish/Bourbon & Craft Variety & Dark Beer
A- Premium Irish Whiskey & Craft Variety & Dark Beer
B+ Bushmills Irish & Premium Bourbon & Craft Variety & Dark Beer
B Premium Whiskey & Craft Variety & Dark Beer
B- Premium & Craft Variety (No Dark Beer)
C+ Well & Craft Variety (No Dark Beer)
C Well & Domestic Beer & IPA (No Dark Beer)
C- Well & Domestic Beer
D Domestic only
F Soft Drinks?

A Lots of variety & small plate gourmet and worldly cuisine (Hey 19/Big Ben)
B+ Lots of variety and world worldly cuisine
B America cuisine
C no real imagination, typical Diner/Café dining
D Sandwiches and snacks
F Snack food if any

 Beer Snob


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