Hollywood Park Casino Visit


Hollywood Park Casino
Location: Inglewood Ca
Tables: 125
(Bar/Food) B +/B+
4 Restaurants/Cafes
Turf Club for OTB has its own bar.
Century Bar & Grill
Raise Lounge is on the opposite side of the dual open bar/lounge that looks out over the poker tables.
Venues: Club/Music Auditorium? [Y/N]
Hotel? [Y/N] Many in the area and a 300 room hotel being built on the Hollywood Park site. [Hollywood Park Life]
VIP/High Roller Room: [Y]

The “Cary Grant Pavilion”, it’s a great looking classy poker room and in my opinion, a classier club atmosphere than a casino with lots of slot machines. Walking into the lobby entrance gives it that elegant club look. The new casino has around 125 poker/gaming tables. Poker Atlas has them at 51 tables, which may have been the old Hollywood Park Casino. Altogether, there are 350 televisions throughout the casino.

The Bar: As far as the bar is concerned, I’m a beer and whiskey snob, so it’s very hard to get an A+ rating without great dark beers and Irish whiskey, the best would be one that can make a Black and Tan beer.

About the food: Actually their “Floor Menu” is quite impressive, more impressive than their restaurants menus [Century Bar & Grill and Raise Lounge] and may be the only reason I gave them a B+.
A very eclectic variety from around the world with American, Mexican, Italian, Asian, as well as Vietnamese.

I’m really looking forward to the Rams/Chargers Stadium being built, as well as the surrounding area amenities, restaurants, shopping, hotel, etc.

Gamble/Action: Ultimate Gaming Activity
Ultimate Activity with long and short waiting lists = new tables opening

Cash Games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha 8, BigO, Stud, Stud 8, Razz, Mixed
1/2 NLTH @ 40/100 Max Buy-in (M50), always 5-6 tables (Game C, Action B)
3/5 NLTH @ 100/300 Max Buy-in (M60), 3-4 tables (Game B, Action B)
5/5 NLTH @ 300/500 Max Buy-in (M100), 3-4 Tables (Game A, Action B)
5/10 NLTH @ 500/No Max Buy-in (M200+), usually 1 or 2 tables (Game A-, Action A)
LTH 2/4 LTH @ 20/No Max Buy-in (M200+), usually 3-4 tables (Game A-, Action B)

Sit-N-Go games? [Y/N]Celebrity Sit-N-Go
$3,000 Guarantee. $330 Entry Fee. It’s only on Tuesdays.
Tournament Value:   38.54 (Anything under 50 may not be worth playing and more likely designed to get you back to the cash game tables, but then again, it’s on Tuesday.)
A tournament more geared to Luck at 81% than Skill, at about 18%. Could be more of a Shootout than a Sit-n-Go if they only pay one player. Haven’t seen the results. I don’t think Hollywood Park Casino publishes them.

Satellites: Tournament entry ticket only

Tournaments: Deep Stack @ “M”/”M”1hr – Turbo? WSOPC WPT?
Daily: $60 NLTH (DS M100/M1hr@50) (DS w/AO M250/M1hr@125)
Weekly: Sit-N-Go
Weekend: Big OSunday Special

House Games: Slots, Dealer Table Games (Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Caribbean Poker, Let it Ride, etc), California House Poker Games

Automated Poker Tables [N]
Video Texas Hold’em [N}



Mr Lucky Poker
Mr Lucky Poker

Online Poker? Bitcoins? Blockchains?

BITCOINS, the favorite currency of money laundering and criminals.


OK, this is MIND BLOWING!!!
It’s coming, like a runaway freight train going downhill. Bitcoin and Blockchain may be going in opposite directions though.

Banks and financial institutions will hate it, but it will also put con artists and their ilk out of business.
It’s the future, but could it be the future of online poker? Better yet, could it be the future for brick and mortar casinos to expand online? Who will be there first.

George Frey corners the Bitcoin market!
FYI, it’s not a real Bitcoin, which is really only a commodity.
A Bitcoin isn’t a physical object, so what exactly are we looking at in Frey’s photographs? They’re called Casascius Bitcoins, and they were minted, in a variety of metals, by software engineer Mike Caldwell at his home in Sandy, Utah.

The Winklevoss twins.
Gemini is the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins through Winklevos Capital Management LLC.
In 2013, the company of the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, Winklevoss Capital Management LLC, launched the first proposed bitcoin ETF, the Winklevoss Investment Trust, looking to trade on the HFT-dominated BATS exchange.

Bitcoin price crashes after SEC rejects the Winklevoss Twins’ ETF!
Right, it’s a commodity, so be careful how much you use Bitcoin as a place to stash your poker winnings, they could easily turn into losses. Failing to get ETF approval will simply keep Bitcoin extremely volatile. As much as 95% of all Bitcoin transactions are carried out in China.
Bitcoin Exchanges

It’s hard to settle on one price each day. Because it’s a relatively thinly traded market, and that is compounded by the fact that cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7, exchanges all over the globe vary widely when it comes to how much a single bitcoin is worth, with exchanges in China, where volumes are highest, typically showing higher prices. Gemini has daily 10-minute BTC/USD auctions at 4pm Eastern Time every day, don’t be late. The auction feature could be especially appealing to traders buying or selling large quantities of Bitcoin who typically can’t place such big orders on exchanges without moving the price. One can only store Bitcoin in a computer wallet via a computer code. One of the most interesting things about Bitcoin is the blockchain technology that records a chain of ownership. The currency in itself is generated through a computer software known by the same name, which ‘mines’ a certain value of this digital currency, transfers it directly among users and maintains records on a distributed ledger powered by blockchain technology. The global circulation of Bitcoins are estimated to be worth $24 billion (roughly about 16 million units).

The Good -Bad-and Ugly
Bitcoin’s “creator” races to patent technology with gambling tycoon
Sports gambling and Bitcoins
Bitcoin’s Future Value?


Mr Lucky Poker
Mr Lucky Poker

Get your head in the game………Keep your head in the game!

Poker is nothing but HEADGAMES.


You know your head isn’t in the game, when you think of reasons to abandon the table when you keep losing to marginal hands. The hands are not coming your way and you can’t justify playing the marginal hands most loose, as well as loose aggressive, players play just to get lucky on the flop. It’s probably best to get up and walk around for a couple of orbits to clear the fog in your brain, or just leave.

Loose tables with loose aggressive players are very profitable, if you keep your head in the game. The low level games are usually loose and often loose aggressive. Loose aggressive tables are where you want to play.

It’s easy to lose focus when you aren’t playing well or the hands aren’t coming your way. I see a lot of players that change seats or even tables when the cards turn cold. I don’t subscribe to the notion that if I change my seat, it will change my luck. You make your own luck, which is what those loose aggressive players are trying to do anyway by playing 80% of the hands and raising 50% or more with them, regardless of position. Some of them often use the straddle to build the pot. It’s an action players move. I love those players, when my head is in the game.

Keep your head in the game and raise the action players with your favorable position and range of hands and you have to know their range of hands.

What do Action Players play?

Loose Aggressive Tables average 4+ players willing to see the flop if the bets are less than 3x BB

LA players tend to bet 2x/3x BB w/Ax, Kx, Broadway connectors, IN or OUT of position.

They are not that concerned about the pot size, as most will raise to build the pot and eliminate tight players. These action players are looking to get lucky and the only way to minimize their prospecting for luck is to attack them, especially those straddle players.

What do Tight Players play?

TA players will raise more often than Tight Passive players. Both have a similar range of hands, but neither one is an action player. The tight player is more likely to fold when the LA players raise the bet above their threshold of betting less than premium hands.

IN position the TA players tend to call their bottom range and  raise with their top range of hands.

OUT of position the TA players tend to call or raise with their top range of hands and are more dangerous than the action players which will release their hand after the flop, if they haven’t hit something and/or don’t have a good drawing possibility. Tight Passive and Tight Aggressive players are more likely to hold on when they hit the flop and Tight Aggressive players are more likely to raise when they hit top pair or make a set or better.




Mr Lucky Poker
Mr Lucky Poker

Feeling LUCKY?

Bluff Smoke 3

“Chance (Luck) favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

Luck will find you if you go looking for it, both the good and the bad, mostly the bad!
Mental Exercise:
♠Note who is playing the most hands, who is playing the least hands.
♥What is the average raise by the loose aggressive players?
♦Who only calls?
♣Who folds to raises?
•Who is aggressive against draws?

Bad Beats and Bonehead Blunders.
Are the BBs, giving you the Heebie Jeebies, brought on by belligerent bluffing?
A Bad Beat means Luck beat the best hand at the Turn or River and no one slow played.
A Bonehead Blunder means the best hand, usually pre-flop, was trapped from the beginning or the regretful act of slow playing resulted in Luck winning at the river.
Don’t give LUCK a chance to beat you at the river!
A. You have AA and slow play it to the river and get beat.
B. You have AA and go all-in, before or after the flop, and get beat at the river.
One is a Bonehead Blunder and the other is a Bad Beat!

The risk of never challenging is always greater than the risk of challenging.
“In a balance of mutual terror, whoever acts first has the advantage!”

Being aggressive before the turn or river, might have caused your opponent to fold, instead of winning on the turn or at the river.

Loose Aggressive players try to manufacture luck by playing a lot of hands. They typically raise out of position when first to play, or even do a straddle play when under the gun, knowing that the tight passive players are likely to fold their marginal hands. They usually raise around 3 big blinds preflop, which also shuts down the players who have bought in for less than 50 big blinds and players who have less than 50 big blinds.

Loose Aggressive players want action and will put in 10% of their stack with their marginal hands, middle connected and/or suited hands. When in position, you have to reraise these players with your top 15 hands and call with your top 25 hands. Out of position it’s best to just call your top 15 to 20 hands and raise with your top 15 hands.

Experienced tournament players are likely to make a bluffing bet on the river, if they think the other player is a weak or timid player. A bluffing raise is more likely to be used if an experienced player thinks the other player is more concerned about conserving chips in the middle of the tournament.

If sandwiched between an All-in raise and a previous raiser, when an over card comes on the Flop, the raiser is likely to fold a smaller pair to a re-raise. A Semi-bluff should be used more than out-right bluffs, early in tournaments.

The Patience Factor:
From the controversial book: Arnold Snyder, The Poker Tournament Formula 1.
Better required reading for tournaments is Arnold Snyder’s, The Poker Tournament Formula 2.

The blind structure in relation to the number of chips each player starts with is the primary consideration on deciding if you should even enter a tournament, yet alone what your strategy should be. The lower the patience factor, the more aggressive you have to be. The lower the patience factor, the more Luck prevails over skill.

The best way to get lucky, is to keep your head in the game!
You don’t get lucky before the flop. All luck happens after the flop.

After the flop you must keep this in mind.
•There are two types of hands in Texas Hold’em. A MADE HAND, pair or better,
and a DRAW to a straight or flush.

               •Every hand played after the flop is a contest between these two types of

               •The draws are broken down to connected cards, gapped cards, suited
                 connectors and suited gapped cards.
                •Anything else isn’t worth looking at except when you are heads-up.

Your head can get into a kind of fog when you keep getting marginal hands or no playable hands for a couple of hours at a loose table.When this happens, it’s best to take a walk for a few hands, which may help clear your mind a little.

I see a lot of players that change seats or even tables when the cards turn cold. A lot of players will jump at the chance to get a hot seat that was recently vacated.
I don’t subscribe to the notion that if I change my seat, it will change my luck. You make your own luck, which is what those loose aggressive players are trying to do anyway by playing 80% of the hands and raising 50% or more with them, regardless of position.
I love those players, when my head is in the game.


Mr Lucky Poker
Mr Lucky Poker